The Best Time to Draw

The best time to draw is anytime—at least anytime you can manage to escape your other responsibilities for a while. Quiet helps, as does a little soft music. As you develop your ability to focus on your work, distractions seem to vanish, but try for a quiet time. Maybe you'll have to get up an hour earlier than usual to find that quiet time, or maybe it will be the hour or so in the evening when you can pass on the sitcoms and do some drawing instead.

During the week, your lunch break at work can be a time to draw. A small sketchbook, one pencil, and an eraser that you can carry with you is all you need—you never know what will catch your attention. You can eat your lunch with one hand, can't you?

Our weekends, such as they are, are often more filled with activities and responsibilities than the workweek, but try for an hour or so of time for yourself on weekends, too. That hour before a Saturday night date night, for example, can be a great time to go off by yourself and draw.

Vacations and business trips are other great drawing opportunities. Planes, trains, and buses are filled with faces to try. Boats are filled with interesting places and shapes. If you are dining alone, you can draw the dining room, rather than just look out at it. Even a hotel room may have something to draw.

Anywhere away from home is interesting in some way. The flowers, plants, landscape, and architecture of a foreign or exotic place are always compelling. Drawing in a sketchbook or journal will remind you of your trip in a different, more personal way than photos from a camera will.

You can draw anything, anywhere, anytime, as these journal drawings show.

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