The Best for Last The Small Things

It is no secret that Lauren prefers the small things in nature to the big picture. She spent her childhood hikes looking at the ground, and nothing has changed. The detail in small individual specimens has always fascinated her, and it may be the view that you like best as well.

Wherever you go, look for the small things, and get to know them as you draw them:

In the woods and mountains, there are delicate wildflowers in the spring; at the higher altitudes, they are there most of the summer.

Mushrooms are some of the most erotic, sensuous shapes out there. They can be fun to arrange on a page as if they were talking in a group.

Lichens, mosses, and other fungi are there for the seeing and drawing. Even the galls on tree branches are interesting. They are made by the tree or leaf in response to a bug's trying to burrow in to lay eggs, and every tree makes a different one.

The woodland wildflowers could occupy a lifetime of drawing only they, from the delicate mayflower and Solomon's seal to the exotic jack-in-the-pulpit and lady's slipper. All have their own story.

The seashore is a treasure trove of goodies to see and draw. The complexity of seashells, the funky shapes of crabs, the structure of big pieces of driftwood, the texture of seaweed, shore plants, and the unending rocks are all waiting for you.

A study of driftwood on the shore can be as monumental and compelling in composition as a cliff or dunescape. The drama is in the drawing!

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