The Artists Life

In This Chapter

V Artists on their work

V A walk through the museum

V Taking the Zen path to drawing

V Inspiration is where you find it

Paintings must be looked at and looked at and looked at—they, I think, the good ones, like it. They must be understood and that's not the word either, through the eyes. No talking, no writing, no singing, no dancing will explain them. They are the final, the 'nth whoopee of sight. A watermelon, a kiss may be fair, but after all have other uses. "Look at that!" is all that can be said before a great painting, at least, by those who really see it.

—Charles Demuth

In this chapter, we'll be finding out where artists discover their inspiration—and we'll let them tell you in their own words. If you draw for any length of time, you'll soon discover that finding the muse is the easy part; it's paying attention that's a bit more difficult.

Artists also get their inspiration from other artists, and we'll be exploring museums as well. With all this artistic inspiration, you'll be ready to venture out into the world as an artist yourself. Happy trails.

The good picture—No one wonders at it more than the one who created it.

She's out there all right, that muse the poets are always looking to for help with a rhyme. If you draw regularly and sincerely, she's bound to pay you a visit, too. She can take different forms, but you will know she's there and what she wants of you. And you'll soon discover that you had better pay attention when your muse speaks to you.

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