Tension Frustration Fatigue and Short Attention Span

Whole books are written on each of these, because children are apt to experience any or all of them while drawing. Be as patient as you can. Look for the reason behind the problem, encourage the child to explain his or her feelings, and remain the kind adult.

The older a child is, the longer his or her attention span will be. If any of the above is exhibited at the beginning of the drawing session, it's possible that drawing isn't the problem at all.

As a child learns to enjoy drawing, they'll want to do it more often and for longer periods of time. The most important rule for length of session and how often they should occur is flexibility—yours. Don't impose left-brained, adult rigidity on what should be a joyful, fun-filled activity.

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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