Special Uses Special Structures

And then there are all the unusual erections in the landscape, from mountaintop warming huts to lighthouses on rocky shores, just waiting to challenge you and enliven your drawings. If you are out and about and feel like creating an unusual drawing, try one of the more striking structures that decorate the landscape. Lighthouses, windmills, and towers add height, but they can also be the focus of an interesting drawing.

For you outdoorsy types, there are huts, sheds, cabins, fishing shacks, lean-tos, tents, and campers—as well as log footbridges, trail cairns, and forest service and Bureau of Land Management signs.

Some of the more unusual items in the landscape may be waiting around the corner for you to draw, such as this lighthouse.

Try Your Hand

If you can get your car close to a dock, try drawing it on your car window (a moving plastic picture plane). You can see the progression of the piers and the perspective of the walkway leading out into the water. Do it for fun and make a tracing if you like it.

A little closer to home, you could draw in your yard and try a tree house, screen house, gazebo, or even your hammock hanging between two trees. Or, for the city dweller: fire hydrants, parking meters, parking lot shanties, garbage cans, even traffic signals.

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