Some Thoughts on Landscape Space

As with any kind of drawing, landscape presents its own special set of considerations: Strong horizontals in the landscape make a better composition.

See and use winding roads or fences to lead the eye into your world. Remember to draw fences and hedgerows or lines of vegetation in a field. Shapes of hills overlap in interesting ways.

Identify the center of interest—what you are trying to show about the view that you see. Think of a visual story. Set a scene into the composition, then add other elements and some detail.

Try Your Hand

High, middle, and low horizons represent how eye level is perceived and rendered in a drawing.

When you add structures, pay attention that they are drawn correctly and at the same vantage point and eye level as the landscape.

As we've suggested previously, sharpen lead pencils for landscape drawing with a sharp pocketknife or utility knife to make a chisel point. It makes a unique mark that seems appropriate for landscape work.

Also, be a scout when you are out and about. Take supplies so you can enjoy yourself and get some work done. Include as much as you think you will need and then some. Be prepared, in other words.

When out drawing landscapes, take the time to look and find the view that you really like. Don't settle for the first spot that you see.

Use your hand to frame your arrangement, composition, or scene. Take along a viewfinder frame and or a plastic picture plane to help. Draw a few boxes to match your viewfinder frame ahead of time and use them with the frame to see your view.

Try sketching a small thumbnail version of a view to see how you like it, and to determine whether you should move to the side or look from higher or lower to get another vantage point. Consider the following as you draw your small thumbnail version; these points will help when you get to your larger drawing as well:

1. Try a view and move on and try another until you are happy.

2. Drawing the landscape starts with the horizon line or eye level, then moves on to big

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