Slowly You Draw Stepby Step

Just for practice (and isn't that what this is all about?), make another arrangement of objects or furniture to draw now. You'll follow the same steps as always, using the guides as much or as little as you need them.

1. Arrange yourself comfortably.

2. Select your objects or your view.

3. Arrange your objects, still life composition, or move the furniture to suit you.

4. Decide on your viewpoint and eye level.

5. Adjust the lighting if necessary.

6. Establish a format and size of drawing.

7. Take a moment to decide on your probable medium and paper. If you are not sure, go for a high-quality piece of paper; you never know

8. Use the viewfinder frame to see your choice.

9. Make a box on your paper that is proportionally equal to your viewfinder frame at any size. Remember the diagonals to keep the box and the frame in proportion.

10. Use your plastic picture plane or your viewfinder frame to see the arrangement or view in space.

11. Site what you see on your page.

12. Start with light planning lines for the simple shapes, lines, angles, and the general outline.

The Art of Drawing

Try to see objects as if they were transparent. See their space; imagine a dotted line at the back of where they are to ensure there is enough space for the objects to really be there in space. If an object is too close, it cannot really be there in the same spot with another object. You can look straight down on your arrangement, even diagram it to help you see the space that you have to create for each object.

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