Sharing Your Work

Another thing that's probably happening by now is that you're feeling pleased with your efforts and your growth from a beginner to a developing draftsman. Chances are your friends and family have seen your work and have perhaps gotten a little interested themselves.

Back to the Drawing Board

Don't be afraid to submit your sketches to other publications if you think they are applicable for the style and content of the publication. You never know, and you can't win if you don't play.

Now, you can begin to share your enthusiasms, your experiences, and your work with the rest of the world. Someone else may do the same for you: What goes around comes around, and all of us will benefit.

Most towns have art groups, art classes, maybe a small museum or community center that shows art, discussion groups, guest lectures, school programs, visiting artists, and local fairs that include art exhibits. It's your choice—whether to join, how much time to spend, should you volunteer or just look—but you do usually get something out of participation in community events. But you won't know unless you try. Here are some possibilities.

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