See the Object Through the Space Around It

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As you draw more and more of the negative space shapes, it will be easier and easier to fit in the remaining ones. The spaces around your chair will be defining the chair itself!

When you have drawn all the negative spaces on your drawing, check each one in turn against the chair itself. Make small corrections to the shapes of the negative spaces as you see them. You can lightly shade the negative space shapes as you refine them, if you'd like. Your chair will take turns with the space around it; one will appear positive and the other negative, then they will flip.

When you are finished, your drawing will be a very different record of seeing. The chair will come out of the space you have drawn around it.

Different ObjectsGirl Arm Drawing

Here are some drawings done by Lauren and two students, concentrating on negative space rather than on the object itself.

Each negative space drawing is another chance to really see rather than think your way through a drawing. By concentrating on the negative space shapes, you can see relationships that will make drawing difficult things easier. Practice in considering negative space will steadily improve your ability to select an image, arrange an interesting composition, place it well on the page, and draw!

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    How to draw a space around the object with a rocking chair beginners?
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