See the Basics

Getting back to basics is the best approach for drawing with kids. Create a peaceful and encouraging environment, with no judgmental words like mistake, no competitive words like good, bad, better, or best. With younger children, see the basic shapes—the circles, triangles, and squares in anything—and draw them as the beginning. With older children, try to see the three-dimensional geometric shapes in things— spheres, cubes, funnels, eggs, and tubes—and use them as building blocks toward more complicated things.

Back to the Drawing Board

You don't need to feel guilty about getting help or using help. And don't worry about copying— actually, you can learn a lot by copying, and your art will still be different because you are different. Just don't try to pass off that great Rembrandt knock-off as your own.

Banish that critic—it's just Old Lefty, rearing his ugly head.

Eventually, the process of seeing and drawing becomes second nature.

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