Reference Materials

Accumulate a file of pictures to reference and ideas for pictures or backgrounds. Your young friends can add to the pile, too. They will come up with uses and applications for pieces of graphics that will amaze you. Pictures, postcards, cards, graphics, books and magazines, and wrapping paper are a beginning. Soon, the kids will be bringing in materials you hadn't even thought of.

And then there is the world of objects. Try to set aside a shelf for things to draw. The sky is the limit here. Be playful and inventive, surprising even. Flowers and fruit (dried or fresh or fake), shells, skulls, bones, butterflies, plastic animals with good scale and detail, toy cars, old toys, old blocks and log cabin sets, kitchen utensils and bowls, dollhouse furniture, dolls, broken toys, fishing tackle, sports equipment, action figures, musical instruments, a typewriter (if you still have one), roller skates, and tools—all these merely begin a list that has no end.

Drawing objects are limited by only the imagination, as one of Lauren's students illustrates in these two drawings.

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