Preparing a Plexiglas Picture Plane for Drawing

For this exercise, you will need

An 8" x 12" piece of Plexiglas. A fine-point permanent marker.

A fine-point washable marker that will hold a line on plastic. A ruler.

To make a grid on your picture plane:

1. Draw diagonal lines from corner to corner on the piece of plastic with the permanent marker.

First, draw a set of diagonal lines.

2. Measure and draw center lines vertically and horizontally in the center of the plastic.

Add horizontal and vertical lines to the diagonals.

3. Measure and draw lines dividing each of the four boxes you now have on the plastic. The boxes will be 2" x 3" vertical.

Divide each grid into boxes.

Back to the Drawing Board

To draw on the plastic picture plane, you must keep it as motionless as possible—and you mustn't move either. You'll be looking at a single view, and the hardest thing will be to keep still enough for that single view to remain static. You can try propping the picture plane on a pillow or books if it's a small piece. If it's a larger one, simply set it on your lap.

Your drawing will be done on the plastic picture plane with the washable marker. The permanent grid is there to help you see relationally— that is, how one shape relates to another. It will help you transfer the drawing to paper when you are finished. Right now, the grid will get you used to seeing where things are in an image or a drawing, and eventually you won't even need it.

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