Pitchers and Bowls

When you wander through your local art museum or galleries, you'll probably notice that pitchers and bowls abound in still lifes. These objects are artists' favorites for good reason; they have lovely curved lines that are fun to draw, and their varying shapes and sizes can add interest, too.

If you decide to draw a pitcher or a bowl (or both), you may want to use some other objects in the kitchen for your arrangement as well. A tea towel arranged at the base of a pitcher can add both dimension and shading. Some apples or oranges placed in a bowl can add color (even when you're drawing in black and white) and tone.

Make a simple still life by setting some fruit in a bowl and then drawing it. Or just draw your plate rack—dishes included, of course. Then, bring it all together.

The truth is, just about anything in your kitchen is a potential drawing subject. So whether it's a loaf of bread, a jug of lemonade, or thou, get thee to a drawing pad.

Back to the Drawing Board

Watch out with stripes—you have to pay attention to where they go and where they come out. Make a flowered pattern work by carefully measuring and planning before you start drawing.

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