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Perspective can be divided into a number of subcategories, which we'll keep as simple as we can:

^ Informal perspective is a way to see the relationships between objects in space. It's what you see on the picture plane, drawn on paper by observing and measuring things against things, shapes against shapes, spaces against spaces, and one against the other.

^ Aerial perspective is the relative blurring of objects, color, or detail in space. Scale is seeing that objects get smaller as they recede in the distance. Foreground objects appear to have more detail and color or color intensity. Images in deep space are less distinct and less colored.

^ Formal perspective, a more exacting way of looking at and drawing objects in space, is based on planes or sides of objects, like walls of a house, " vanishing," or diminishing, to points at either side of the horizon line. It is not always necessary if you see and draw relatively and make a few observations about things in landscape space.

The Art of Drawing

Van Gogh had to drag his perspective contraption out into the fields to use it. You can use the window of your car and sit there, coffee for company, and draw right on the car window. Of course, you can't drive everywhere that you would like to be in order to draw, but you can use the car window as a tool to learn to draw well enough so that, in time, you won't need a tool at all. Then you can go anywhere that your legs will carry you. Remember, NEVER sit in your car with the motor running and the windows closed; make sure the engine is off—fumes and pollution are duel dangers, to you, and to the environment!

You had practice drawing with a plastic picture plane to see the three-dimensional space in a still life condensed onto the two-dimensional surface of the plastic. Your patio or sliding glass door can be used as a big picture plane through which you can see three-dimensional space condensed on the surface of the glass, and you can draw it right there for fun or to see how things in space relate to each other.

Out and about, you can try looking at a landscape or a building through your car window, for a moving picture plane. Try it to see a complicated bit of perspective, like a dock or bridge, or look at a complicated roof. You will see that all the angles, shapes, and relative scale that make landscape space look accurate is right there on your car window. As with the sliding glass door, objects will appear quite small, but you will get the idea.

Use your car window to remind you that all you need to do is see and draw.

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