Out on the Edge

And then there are the more special structures in your landscape, places you might be particularly fond of, from mountaintop huts to lighthouses on rocky shores, just waiting to challenge you and enliven your drawings.

Try drawing some of the unusual structures you find on your travels, such as lighthouses, windmills, towers, huts, sheds, cabins, fishing shacks, lean-tos, tents, tree houses, and screen houses. And don't forget the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde—and the pit houses of Chaco Canyon.

Don't forget those cellular towers and high-voltage electric lines stretching across the plains. Or Hoover Dam stretching across the

Colorado River. Human-made structures add high drama to Mother Nature's works, and they can add drama to your work as well.

Windmills, towers: Nothing is too unusual for your drawing pencil and sketchbook!

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