Out of the House and onto the Patio Door

While your materials and subjects can vary endlessly, the process is essentially the same every single time you begin a new drawing. The minor variations are your needs at the time and your choices as to how to proceed, what medium to use, or how finished a piece you are trying for.

Remember, for fun or for help, use your patio or sliding glass door as a big plastic picture plane. Put a few objects on a table right outside the door and try to draw them on the glass. Use a dry-erase pen that makes a readable line. You can draw your patio or deck chairs on the glass, or maybe some potted plants or a trellis planted with a vine. You will find that objects need to be very close to the door, or they will be very small when you draw them on the glass. If the light outside is strong enough, you can make a tracing of your drawing on lightweight paper, using the door as a big light box. In an urban landscape, use your apartment window or glass terrace door; draw the buildings you see, complete with their windows, terraces, and fire escapes.

Where the finish point is will always be your choice. You are done when you are done.

Back to the Drawing Board

Dry-erase pens are pens designed to mark on smooth surfaces and wipe off easily. Delis use them for writing the day's specials. Look for them in an art or stationery store.

Once you begin to look at the things in your house as objects to be drawn, you'll find the possibilities limited by only your imagination. Don't be afraid to experiment. Nothing's a mistake when it comes to drawing; everything's a learning experience. So grab that coffeepot and your pencil and get to work!

Your home truly is your castle when it comes to drawing subjects.

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