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A recent interview on NPR was with Harry Shapiro, who, at 100 years old, is painting full time. He came to the United States from Russia in 1905 at 5 years old, and grew up in New York, where he was an avid student of American history and took art classes. Shapiro became an illustrator/commercial artist, but has always painted on weekends and vacations. During his interview, Shapiro spoke in a clear, melodic voice about painters he admires and his commitment to painting. He has never had a major illness and believes "art and music preserve life," as well as "a heart full of love." He "works with some urgency now," and would like another four or five good years of work to " do some good paintings to sum it up."

I know there is a God in some form. I paint to make things whole. —Harry Shapiro

You don't get better than that. Thank you, Harry.

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