Not Just for Sleeping Anymore

If you've finished your coffee (and your still life), you've probably got lots of energy now. That's good, because it's time to get up and wander into some other rooms. Let's start with the bedroom, where there's a wealth of things just waiting to be drawn.

First, take a look at the entire room. How is the furniture arranged? Is it pleasing? Pick a vantage point you like and quickly sketch what you see. You may want to toss a scarf over a bedpost to add some texture, or move a plant to create a more eye-pleasing arrangement. You may decide to leave the scarf and the plant where you've moved them after you've finished drawing, too; that's part of the fun.

Next, pick some singular arrangement in your room that you'd like to draw. Lisa has an old spider plant set in an equally old basket on an antique chair she got at a Nebraska auction for 25 cents (everything in Lisa's house comes with a story attached). You might have some of your favorite photos or keepsakes arranged on your dresser, or a lamp and some books on your nightstand. The possibilities are endless.

Lisa's spider plant on antique chair, drawn by her daughter.

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