Materials for Kids

The next step in encouraging kids to draw is to stock up on whatever you don't already have:

Markers, fine and broad-tipped, in lots of colors

Dry-erase markers for drawing on plastic

Mechanical pencils, with a thicker lead (0.7) in a few hardnesses

Colored pencils, as big a set of colors as possible Erasers, an assortment; tape, scissors, clips Paper—inexpensive, and lots of it Boards, plywood to work on

Water-based paint, watercolor or acrylic, depending on the child's age

India ink and pen or brush; water-soluble crayons

Be sure to supervise kids— especially very young ones—in the use of art materials. Keep toxic materials or dangerous tools away from children who are too young or who are not mature enough to handle them.

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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