Making Things Sit Down or Roll Over and Stay

Your dog may sit and stay, but when it comes to drawing, you have to make things sit and stay sitting. Objects in a still life have a funny way of not staying quite where you want them. They seem to slant or tilt, or look crooked or asymmetrical. They fall off the table or jump out into the air where they don't belong. You can fix all that with a working knowledge of simple viewpoint and perspective. Accurately drawing objects at the view that you see them is the way to keep them sitting down.

A lot of things that you might have chosen to draw are circular, such as cups, mugs, bowls, vases, plates, and parts of other things. Circles seen in space become ellipses. The relative fullness or flatness of the ellipse is a function of how high above or how much below the object you are, whether you can see into it or not, and whether you can see the bottom—or could, if the table or shelf were glass. Drawing the basic shapes you see in light circles and ellipses can establish eye level and some roundness to the object from the beginning.

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