Making It Stand

Start with simple houses and barns and sheds. Then move on to more complicated structures or street scenes. Of course, you have to begin with decisions about vantage point, eye level, framing your image, your format, and position on the page.

Whether you are looking up, at, or down at your subject will affect all that you see. Some of the ways you can view a house include

Up under the roof to see all the detail under the eaves. Straight at the house, concentrating on doors and window trim. Down on the roof from above.

Of course, those are only three suggestions. Be creative—view a house through a window, or past a tree. The possibilities are endless.

Informal perspective is great for quick, casual sketches of houses. Take a look at how individual drawing styles and drawing materials produce different results!

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How To Become A Professional Pencil Drawing Artist

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