Looking Through the Barriers

The ability to draw is really the ability to see—to see what's really there, and transfer it to paper. The key is to see as an artist sees.

Artists process visual information differently from the way most Westerners do. Most are taught a means of processing that's more suited to other tasks, so to learn to process (or see) as an artist takes some practice. Most people get discouraged before they've tried very long, and soon feel they'll never get there. They then say, "I'll never learn to draw," forgetting that all skills (and drawing, remember, is a skill) take practice.

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Easy Step-By-Step Lessons How Would You Like To Teach Yourself Some Of The Powerful Basic Techniques Of Pencil Drawing With Our Step-by-Step Tutorial. Learn the ABC of Pencil Drawing From the Experts.

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