Learn by Looking Then Try a Copy

Museums put the benches there just for you—yes, you, with the sketchbook. Go sit down on that nice bench in front of a piece of art that you like. Make yourself comfortable—the benches aren't, but who cares, you could even take a pillow. You can learn from just looking, but get out your pencil and draw what you like or what you want to remember, the diagonals in the composition, the shape of a tree, how a flower was drawn, the features of a portrait—whatever you like, you draw.

Drawing from sculpture or objects is better practice in three-dimensional drawing. That beautiful torso, imposing warrior, or delicately shaped vase is there in space and presents you with a lifetime of potential drawing. Some possibilities:

Arrange yourself for simple views and then try more challenging ones with foreshortening.

Draw parts of figures and the whole.

Draw the details in a set of armor or the looming figures on a crypt, the subtle proportion of a Ming vase, or the scrollwork on a Japanese table.

The more you draw, the more you will see to draw. It may begin to seem as if you can never go home again.

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