Learn by Looking Then Try a Copy

Museums put the benches there just for you—yes, you, with the sketchbook. Go sit down on that nice bench in front of a piece of art that you like. Make yourself comfortable—the benches aren't, but who cares, you could even take a pillow. You can learn from just looking, but get out your pencil and draw what you like or what you want to remember, the diagonals in the composition, the shape of a tree, how a flower was drawn, the features of a portrait—whatever you like, you draw.

Drawing from sculpture or objects is better practice in three-dimensional drawing. That beautiful torso, imposing warrior, or delicately shaped vase is there in space and presents you with a lifetime of potential drawing. Some possibilities:

Arrange yourself for simple views and then try more challenging ones with foreshortening.

Draw parts of figures and the whole.

Draw the details in a set of armor or the looming figures on a crypt, the subtle proportion of a Ming vase, or the scrollwork on a Japanese table.

The more you draw, the more you will see to draw. It may begin to seem as if you can never go home again.

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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