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The study of composition means an art education for the entire people, for every child can be taught to compose—what it is to know and feel beauty and to produce it in simple ways.

—Arthur Wesley Dow

From earliest man's drawings on cave walls, to the great Renaissance drawings of da Vinci and onwards, to the works of our contemporaries, drawing is a basic human expression. With today's power-based, language-driven, analytical attitude toward education, though, drawing no longer has a place of real importance (generally speaking).

Children are taught the importance of academic achievement, but visual skills are usually thought of as pastimes or hobbies. This means that children draw until they are educated out of their innocent sense of wonder and the ability to just "do" without being caught up in "correctness" and passing judgment on their work. They then abandon drawing altogether.

You, however, can change this: Use what you have learned about drawing and try being a child's guide. Get in touch with your child, grandchild, or a young friend and open up to the world of seeing and drawing, together.

Young children are confronted with a world of things to see, learn, name, and understand, to say nothing of concepts, ideas, and feelings. They start by drawing stick figures to communicate ideas to themselves and others, and as they draw these " crude" pictures, they are connecting words to their mind pictures. As you'll recall from Chapter 1, "The Pleasures of Seeing and Drawing," drawing itself is nonverbal, but it helps children develop ideas and language.

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