Into the Garden with Pencils not Shovels

In This Chapter

V The pleasures of drawing in a garden

V Botanical drawing as science and art

V Explore the natural world outside your garden

When I spoke of flowers, I was a flower, with all the prerogatives of flowers, especially the right to come alive in the Spring.

—William Carlos Williams

Enough time spent wandering around your house—it's time to get outdoors and see what else there is to draw. Not surprisingly, there's a wealth of material just outside your door. Go ahead, open it up, and step into the wonderland of drawing subjects that is your garden.

In the beginning, there was Eden, that most famous of gardens. Sure, Adam and Eve were banished, but we've been working our way back ever since. With a sketchbook in hand, you can succeed where Adam and Eve failed (and even get that troublesome snake nailed down in an illustration) by drawing a garden that will last and last.

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