Into the Field of Color

Buy yourself the largest set of colored pencils that you can afford. Is your birthday coming? Even if it's not, no matter, get the big set anyway. Small sets have mostly bright primary colors and fewer subtle colors, and you'll want to play with both.

Primary colors are those that cannot be mixed from other colors:

Secondary colors are those that can be mixed from two primary colors. The secondary colors are

Orange (made from red and yellow). Green (from yellow and blue). Purple (from blue and red).

Tertiary colors are another step out on the color wheel, made from a primary and a secondary color. They are a group of lovely muted shades and neutral colors that you'll want to get to know.

Colors across from each other on the color wheel are called complimentary colors; they work well with each other. If they are mixed, they make neutrals. Colors that compliment each other are

Red and green. Blue and orange. Purple and yellow.

Blended colors are a mix of two or three colors or two complimentary colors—opposites on the color wheel.

Earth tones and shadow colors are mixes of complimentary colors like purple, with a little yellow to soften it, or a brick red made with green. You will end up with plenty of browns and earth colors, and you can make various grays and blacks by combining four colors, excluding yellow.

> Yellow

This color wheel is in black and white, but you can use your imagination to visualize the colors.

The range of complimentary colors from warm to cool.

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