In the Farmyard

You have only to go outside on a farm and you will find something to draw—and sometimes, you don't even have to go outside. Whether you are on a big farm in the Midwest with lots of equipment and big fenced fields, or a little family farm in New England with a big garden, a few chickens, cows, and an ancient old tractor, you will find something interesting to draw.

Haystacks worked for Monet, and as you travel around the countryside you will see the various shapes and sizes in different areas of the country. Big barns are the norm in Vermont, for example, while the bigger structures in Nebraska are the silos for harvested corn.

Corrals and farmyards enclose areas and make interesting angles and shapes. The animals themselves we will deal with in Chapter 20, "It's a Jungle Out There—So Draw It!" They deserve a chapter of their own, after all.

Try Your Hand

Using your viewfinder frame to help compose the mainland masses in a landscape, take certain human-made elements, such as roads, fences, and walls, to make the difference between an ordinary drawing and an extraordinary one.

Artist's Sketchbook

Cairns are human-made trail markings, most often piles of rocks that mark the trailside path. Adding these mini-structures to your drawing can lead the viewer onto the trail, too.

Sheds and barns are technically structures and so are covered in Chapter 19, "Houses and Other Structures," but you'll want to be sure to include them with all that you find when drawing on a farm. You can sneak a peek ahead if you'd like some helpful hints for how to draw them.

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