In a World of Action Gesture Is First

Try Your Hand

The more you draw animals, the more at ease you will be with their particular proportions and typical ways of moving.

Try Your Hand

Fill page after page in your sketchbook with fast sketches of animals. Try drawing a part at a time, rather than the whole animal at once.

Alexander Calder was a keen observer of nature as well as a draftsman who saw and captured the essence of each animal he drew. As Calder himself notes, he looked for the basic action, posture, and gesture of an animal as the foundation of a drawing.

When you begin to draw animals, take plenty of time to see the action and gesture. In your first drawings, you may only get a gesture or a direction the animal is moving, but in time you will be able to add form and detail to an active base that really feels like the animal you were drawing.

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