Illuminating Your Personal Life

Stationery, letterheads, postcards, and personal or business cards are great ways to decorate your world with your drawings.

Original art for black-and-white reproduction works well when it is reduced about 50 percent, so model your original according to what you have planned. Make a rough design to show placement of art and type, then look at your choices of type style. You can offer to make a set of whatever you create for a friend or family member as a most personal gift.

Greeting cards and holiday greetings and invitations to parties are other projects you can try with your own images. Even without a computer and scanner, you can make up a nice card front and have good black-and-white or color copies made at your local 24-hour printer to fold into cards. Then, you can add your own handwritten greeting or you can write it out in a calligraphic hand on the art and make it part of the card.

If you do have a computer and scanner, you can read about using it with your own images in Chapter 25, "Express Yourself."

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