How to Learn About Drawing on the Computer

We may be the old-fashioned, middle-aged artist/teacher types— although we are anything but old-fashioned or middle-aged—but we think you should do your drawing first, and then scan it.

You will not really learn to see and draw anything on a computer. Sure, you can make pictures, but it's just not the same as direct hands-on drawing.

Drawing with a mouse or stylus and art pad is not the same as drawing with a pencil. There is not the same connection when you can't look at the hand that's drawing and see what's going on. In addition, the feel of a fine piece of paper and the internal dialogue that you have while you're relating to your subject, seeing, and drawing are basic pleasures, time for your inner self, and the path to your own unique creative soul.

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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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