How to Choose a Computer Art Class

There are more and more computer classes out there, with the usual brochures and course descriptions to wade through, including schedules, prices, credits (if you care), and residual computerese (language designed to confuse you) to deal with and experience. Specific courses for complicated graphics programs like Photoshop, Quark, or Illustrator are very helpful places to start.

Our advice:

Ask around. Chances are, someone you know (or their cousin) has already taken the course and can comment.

Find out the instructor's name, and decide if the course material, time, place, and fee are acceptable.

Call the instructor, and make sure you will learn what you want to learn.

Our final word on the high-tech world is that it really is a great tool. Think of it that way and you will learn it and use it properly. Lauren's computer, scanner, printers, copy machine, and fax take up a whole wall in what is otherwise a painter's studio, but hey, we all have to make a living and the two sides coexist quite well. Lisa's computer is her main tool, aside from her old Underwood manual and assortment of notebooks and pens for all occasions, so it gets to live in her way, smack in the middle of her desk.

Do yourself a favor and learn to draw, if that is what you want to do. Then worry about what to do with the drawings later.

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