How They Feel About Their Studios and Tools

Perhaps no one's studio says so much about the artist's work as that of Georgia O'Keeffe. Her studio is so large it's like being outside, which is exactly the feeling one gets from her works as well. Many of O'Keeffe's better-known canvasses are quite large, as well—much larger than life, as was the artist herself.

Corrales, New Mexico, artist Marianna Roussel-Gastemeyer notes that her studio is easy to find: "Just follow the pottery shards to the door." Just down the road, another Corrales artist, Cindy Carnes, has situated her studio to capture the ever-changing face and light on the Sandia Mountains to the east. (And just down the road from Roussel-Gastemeyer and Carnes, Lisa types these lines.)

When it comes to tools, artist Frank M. Rines notes in Drawing in Lead Pencil (New York: Bridgeman Publishing, 1943):

It has been said that a good workman never complains of his tools. Very true, but have you ever noticed that a good workman never needs to complain, that he always has good tools.

As you'll recall from previous chapters, we couldn't agree more: Having the right tools is half the fun.

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