Houses and Other Structures

In This Chapter

V When is a house not a home?

V Getting your house to stand

V Building perspective

V From shingles to bricks

The artist's ability lies first in seeing the picture before he has begun it. —Clayton Hoagland

Houses fascinate us. After all, we all live in a house of some kind, whether it's a tall apartment building, a small ranch, a lovely Cape Cod, a farmhouse, an old Victorian with lots of gingerbread trim, a cottage on the beach, an old funky adobe, or a modern, sculptural mansion.

Whether it's drawing a house or another building, the most important thing, as Clayton Hoagland notes, is to first "see." In this chapter, you'll learn how to do just that.

Houses, barns, sheds, and other structures are perhaps the most prevalent elements in landscape drawings and paintings. They are almost everywhere you look, so, of course, they'll find their way into much of what you draw as well.

Whichever kind of mouse you are and whatever kind of house you choose to draw, you will encounter largely the same challenges and problems.

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