Getting Negative

Next, try this exercise with a complicated kitchen gadget like an eggbeater or a handheld can opener. Try a pair of glasses on a table. Try a bicycle for a real challenge. The important thing is to concentrate on the negative space rather than the object itself.

As you can see, drawing the negative space can make a difficult drawing easy, particularly when it comes to foreshortening or complicated shapes, because you can focus on the space to tell you, visually, about the shapes it surrounds. And the more you work on negative space drawings, the more you'll develop a heightened perception of negative space, which will tremendously improve your composition skills as you do more complicated compositions.

In Part 3, "Starting Out: Learning You Can See and Draw," we will look at setting up a place to work, artists' studios, and exactly how to get started with the simple compositions—the seeing, selecting, placing, and drawing.

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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