Gardens Other Than Your

When Lauren was in college, she cut most of her figure-drawing classes for trips up to the greenhouses and barns that were at the edge of campus in the agriculture school. She drew every afternoon in the warm moist air of the greenhouses, breathing deeply enough to

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When you're out and about, take care to shield your work by carrying it in a portfolio and protect it by placing a sheet of paper under your hand as you go so you don't smudge it.

remember the scent until the next time she could get there. When it was warmer, she went to the barns and drew baby pigs and sheep, and sometimes the colts in the fields. Her sketchbooks, when she turned them in, were a surprise to her instructors, but they had realized she was not attending the life class—she was out drawing life.

As we've said, "gardens" can include garden centers, greenhouses, botanical gardens—not just a garden of your own. Chances are, your local nursery won't mind a bit if you set up your stool and easel in the middle of their greenhouse. They may even ask to purchase one or two of your drawings—your first sale!

One word of warning: Outdoor drawing attracts attention, which isn't always good for altered states of consciousness. If you prefer to work unobserved, you'll need to find a nice, quiet place to work, without outside interruptions. And that includes making sure there's not a bull on the same side of the fence as you are!

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