Garden Pots and Tools

The Italians are also masters at container gardens. Their balconies and doorways are always decorated with collections of pots and planters, filled with variety in color and texture.

The Art of Drawing

Pots and saucers in drawings must be seen and drawn carefully to keep them from tilting and tipping or looking flat. Remember to establish eye level and look hard at the ellipses on the pots and saucers. The closer they are to eye level, the flatter they are; the further down below eye level they are, the wider they will be. The pots need to be symmetrical. And don't forget to check that they are really vertical: A light line up the center helps to check. Make sure you have drawn them accurately before you start rendering them.

Planters, window boxes, and container gardens are all small exercises in perspective, which we'll be discussing in Chapter 16, "What's Your Perspective?" Draw them using informal perspective. Establish eye level. See them as geometric shapes in space: cylinders, spheres, cubes, and rectangular boxes. Make them sit or hang correctly, and then fill them with detail.

Garden tools against a stone wall or the side of a garden shed make a charming arrangement with as much challenge as you are up for that day.

Everything in your garden is fair game for a drawing.

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