From Hunter to High Tech

Long, long ago, we were more connected—to the land, to our families, to the way we gathered and grew food, to the animals that provided food, clothing, and shelter, and to the expression of ourselves through drawing. In short, the hunter-gatherer's way of life relied on basic skills, interdependence, and cooperation.

As we settled into the lives of farmers and craftspeople, these basic skills were still important. At the same time, the added activities of exploration and the settling of new lands required "multitasking," but also included a growing dependence on domination and superiority.

Today, the hard work and basic life skills required of the agrarian age have been supplanted by the academic learning and analytical knowledge valued in this industrial and post-industrial age. And, when we look forward into the technological age of the twenty-first century, it's clear that all kinds of creative, visionary skills will be necessary for full development.

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Easy Step-By-Step Lessons How Would You Like To Teach Yourself Some Of The Powerful Basic Techniques Of Pencil Drawing With Our Step-by-Step Tutorial. Learn the ABC of Pencil Drawing From the Experts.

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