From Figures to Frogs And a Few Deer and Gnomes

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Statues, from figures to frogs, with a few deer, wheelbarrows, and gnomes thrown in for fun, can be present in your garden and your drawings. The somewhat diminutive scale of garden ornaments can be fun to play with in a drawing. Flowers are fun with scaled-down garden statues because they become relatively larger than usual.

Ornamentals and statues go from classical to comic, from flashy to peaceful and contemplative, from natural materials to designer high-tech looks. Whatever you choose, remember: It's your garden and your drawing.

Arches and gates are other wonderful opportunities to practice perspective, which we'll be discussing in Chapter 16. Draw the basic shape in informal perspective, but use diagonals to help you locate the center of any opening or arch correctly.

Garden paths, long and winding or short and straight, add direction and structure to a drawing. Make sure you have drawn them with eye level in mind so they lay flat in the gardenscape.

Walls are great backdrops for the detail in a garden, but they are also interesting subjects in themselves. Get the angles right and watch that the rock shapes don't become monotonous. See the small shapes and angles that make each rock different.

If you are lucky enough to have rocks, a rockscape, a rock-lined reflecting pool, or a waterfall, you have a world of places to explore in your drawings.

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Whether it's a plethora of flamingos, drying flowers, or birdhouses, the ornamental objects in a garden can make for wonderful drawing subjects.

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