Framing the View

Once you have decided on the distance from which you are seeing your view or scene, then you have to decide exactly what piece of the panorama you will draw. You can't fit it all in, you know.

The Art of Drawing

Remember Euclid's notion of dividing the space from Chapter 9, "Step Up to a Still Life: Composition, Composition, Composition"? He divided space so that the point of central interest was slightly off center in both directions. This is an excellent example to follow when it comes to landscape drawing.

Use your viewfinder frame to scope out the view and crop the view until you decide. Move it from side to side and look at the different variations on what you see. Look at the diagonals in the landscape as you decide. Try to find a view that draws you into the scene and is a balanced but interesting composition.

Your thumbnail sketches will help rule out arrangements or views that are less interesting.

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