Joshua Nava Drawing Foot

Feet are similarly avoided in figure drawings. But because they are the base for the body at rest or in action, you need to pay closer attention to them.

Think of the feet as wedged-shaped bases, higher where they are connected at the ankle joint, sloping down toward the front edge, with an arched shape underneath, and ending in five toes for added stability. Here, too, practice will best acquaint you with the shapes and positions. And you have two of these fine specimens to work with, as you probably are not holding a pencil with one of them.

The base of all figure drawings: the feet. Practice copying these foot positions. Visit the sculpture gallery of your local museum with your sketchbook in hand and start sketching the feet of the statues. Try sketching the feet of one statue from different eye levels or views to see how the foot changes as you change your orientation.

Foot Orthographic

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