Eyes Ears Nose and Throat

The head, face, and the position of the facial features can be roughly described with a few quick lines. Then you can draw some additional lines lightly to establish a guide.

On the oval of the front of the head The eyes are at about halfway. The nose is about halfway between the eyes. The chin curves at the bottom of the oval.

The mouth line is about halfway between the nose and the chin.

Try Your Hand

When you are going out, remember to take your sketchbook with you and draw people as you find them—at picnics, concerts, sporting events, speeches, in restaurants, on boats, in planes ... whatever.

These drawn guidelines, along with the written rules above, will help you position the features on just about any face.

In addition:

The eyes are about one eye's width apart along the middle line.

The nose is a wedge shape in the middle of the face.

When the face is seen in profile, the nose is a triangle out from the face.

At any view, the wedge of the nose is perpendicular to the face.

The mouth is formed by the two lips, centered under the nose.

The chin is the narrow curve of the bottom jaw, a line that comes from just below the ear.

The ears themselves are flaps that are on the side of the head at about a level between the eyes and the nose.

The neckline comes from the ear on the side and under the chin.

The guidelines for the full frontal view, accompanied by the finished portrait.

The guidelines for a three-quarter view, accompanied by the initial sketch and more finished drawing where tone and detail are beginning to be added.

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