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V Creating illustrations and illuminations

V Places to use your drawings

V Beyond the ordinary

V Cartoons, caricatures, and fantasies

Culture will come when every man will know how to address himself to the inanimate simple things of life

—Georgia O'Keeffe

Your drawing subjects are limited only by your imagination. Travel, both overseas and to the local nature preserve, for example, can be enhanced by carrying a sketchbook along with your camera.

Then, there's decorating your world. Once you've learned to draw, you can create books of your own, or customize your home and your furniture.

This chapter is chock-full of suggestions for drawing, both on paper, and on some other surfaces you may not have thought of.

We love to travel, and we love to see and draw whatever of interest comes along while we do. We don't really care where we are—Italian hill towns, ski villages in France, a nice tent site in the Rockies, a beat-up hotel off the coast of Maine, the western desert. With the changing landscape, up-close botanical details, still lifes there for the drawing, or vistas off in the distance, there is always a visual treat.

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