Creating Your Own Illustrated Home Page

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I've started to work again. Check out my home page (and note new address). I designed it with a soft malachite green, a fiery iMac raspberry and a troubled Prussian lilac. I may've mastered the brushstroke and HTML, but am a novice with Java. There's always more to learn.

—Noah Baumbach, "Van Gogh in AOL," The New Yorker

There are classes in HTML and Java, two of the most popular Web languages, and there are editorial programs that make it much easier to create a Web site of your own. You can also customize the home page on your Internet program. One example to take a look at is Lauren's home page, the first page of her Web site at Check it out!

Creating your own illustrated home page is now as simple as following the instructions your e-mail provider probably has set up on your ISP home page. You don't even have to know any special programs anymore; the directions will walk you through it all, including how to download the art you've scanned and saved onto your own illustrated home page.

If you're interested in something truly professional-looking, however, we'd highly recommend a Web designer. You get what you pay for, after all.

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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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