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If you would like to really see what a difference it can make to concentrate on just seeing and drawing what you see, you can make a drawing of your object before you start these exercises. Just do it, to the best of your ability, and set it aside. Then you can compare it to the second drawing that you do, when you can look again.

1. Start by setting up your area to draw. Your pad of sketch paper on your board and a pencil will do.

2. Seat yourself in a comfortable chair, angled away from your drawing board.

3. Take a good look at the object that you have chosen. Make sure that you cannot see the drawing itself as you draw.

4. Decide on a place to start on your object. One of the lines that makes the shape is a good beginning point.

5. Put your pencil down on your paper and consider that spot the same as the spot or line you picked on your object. Once you've placed your pencil, don't look at the page again.

6. Look very carefully at the line that goes off from your starting spot.

Which way does it go? For how far? Does it curve? How much?

Is there another line that it meets?

7. Move your pencil, slowly, in response to what you see. Remember—don't look at the page!

8. Look at the lines in your object, one by one as they touch each other, and try to draw exactly those lines that you are looking at.

10. Remain observant and sensitive to the wealth of linear texture, shape, and proportion in your object, and try to put it into your drawing.

11. Keep working until you have drawn all the lines and shapes in your object.

That it won't look like the object you chose doesn't matter; your absorption in another purely visual task is what counts. Has your left brain called home?

Here are some contour drawings of objects done without looking.

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