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Now, we'd like you try the same drawing, only this time, while looking. Even if it is a complicated object, you can get a decent drawing if you do just as much looking and relating of one line to another as you did in the other exercises.

The contour drawing while looking should be done with the same focus on seeing the lines, but you get to follow your drawing hand by looking. Stay focused on what you see.

1. Change your seated position so you can look at the object you are drawing.

2. Take another good look at your object.

3. Pick a place and a line on your object to start with.

4. Pick a place on your paper to place and begin your drawing.

5. Make the same careful observations about your object as before.

How far does the first line go? In what direction? Does it curve? Which way?

When does it meet another line? Then what happens?

6. Draw what you see, not what you think you see.

7. Work slowly and carefully until you have gone all around your object and recorded all the lines that you can see.

As with your first set of drawings, you'll find that the more you practice really seeing and drawing what you see rather than what you think you see, the better your drawings will be. To tap into your creative energy and realize your potential is a great power, one you can use for more than just drawing.

You may feel tremendously energized by the process. You can use this creativity to solve problems of all kinds, by looking at all sides of a problem rather than seeing things in the usual ordered way. You'll be able to see the big picture, moving beyond the concepts to the relationships.

Back to the Drawing Board

Looking while you're doing the "blind" contour drawing is just the chance Old Lefty needs to come back in and try to tell you what you're doing wrong. The point here is to do a drawing that has nothing to do with anything— except seeing the lines.

We've provided a set of sample contour drawings of objects done while looking.

We've provided a set of sample contour drawings of objects done while looking.

Complex Contour Drawng ObjectObject Drawings

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