Closer to Home

You will want a larger sketchbook or supply of loose sheets in a portfolio for drawing close to home. Most of your learning drawing will be done in these.

If you remember your dreams or have frequent flights of fancy, you may want to keep a separate expressive journal. Try to make a drawing that captures or reflects your memory, and write down what you remember. You may be surprised at the direction your work takes.

Nonfiction and drawing in a journal combine differently, usually requiring a realistic drawing. They can include a more elaborate travel journal for a special trip, or a recipe book with all your favorite dishes and some how-to drawings to explain what you mean or how to arrange everything—a cookbook in the making.

Try Your Hand

If you are going farther out in search of yourself, take water and some food, a jacket, and maybe a phone. Don't hesitate to push the envelope of your world. Just be a scout about it, and be prepared.

The Art of Drawing

Poetry, fiction, and drawing could occupy another sketchbook or be one of the ways you use your general one. Poetry and short fiction (your own or someone else's) can balance or expand on a drawing—or the other way around. Entries can be illuminated with realistic or imaginary and expressive drawings. Early on, you may stick to the business of learning how to draw, but later you may find that expressive drawing suits you best.

A gardening journal can be a great sketchbook, where you can record that season's experiments, problems, triumphs, and notes for next year, as well as all the glorious detail of the growing season in your special garden.

Other journals could include a fishing journal, or even an exercise or diet journal (draw what you want to eat, but won't!).

Two pages from a gardening journal: A gardening journal can include sketches of your garden—or dreams for next year's garden.

The Art of Drawing

A journal recording the joys of motherhood—what happened during the nine months of waiting, certain details about the birth, and early drawings of your newest family member—will be treasured later on, by both you and the child. You could also do the same for a new pet. After all, like babies, they will provide you with lots of material.

There's nothing like a journal for being yourself. Approach a journal with the understanding that it is yours alone, for you as well as by you. You don't have to put it under lock and key, but do let other family members know that you don't want them to look there. Some may have trouble with curiosity, of course, so you may want to keep your journal somewhere safe, if you'd rather they didn't look.

Among the many good things a journal can provide are A sense of self. A sense of place. A sense of purpose. A sense of time.

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