Classical Beauty

Architectural detail can be sketchy and suggested or it can be very precise, requiring a lot of measuring and planning. Here are some helpful hints to guide you as you begin to draw those classic beauties.

A front view of a Victorian with gingerbread trim can be carefully and lightly sketched by measuring with a pencil held out at arm's length. Once you are pleased with the placement and proportion of the windows and doors, you can begin to add the trim detail and be reasonably certain that you will end up with an attractive loose rendering.

Back to the Drawing Board

You may want to review Chapter 16, "What's Your Perspective?," and refer to the steps on the tear-out reference card as you try to draw structures for the first time. Every house presents its own unique challenges. Going step-by-step can help you avoid making mistakes.

Architectural details.

Remember to look for interesting structures like arches, arbors, pergolas, gazebos, elaborate screen houses, greenhouses, and wraparound porches. They require careful seeing and drawing, but they make great subjects and can add a sense of place or atmosphere to a scene.

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