Ceilings Walls and Floors but No Driveways

You can apply this same procedure to a larger surface, either in a repeat pattern, such as a stenciled border around the top of a room, or you could get wild and paint a border on a floor that looks dull. Hey, you can paint the whole floor; it's your castle.

For repeated use, a stencil will be easier in the long run. You can use it for the basic shapes and fill the rest in freehand, looking at your sample as a reference.

To cut a stencil you will need some stiff paper, preferably stencil paper, and a sharp Exacto or mat knife.

1. Draw your design on the paper from your original sketch.

2. Remember that in a stencil the holes will fall out, so you probably need to redraw the parts of the drawing so they are separate. (Remember that stencils use negative space. A stencil of a chair would be a series of disconnected "holes" which wouldn't hold together, so a separate stencil is required for each part of the chair.)

A stencil can simplify a

As your confidence in drawing increases, you may want to take a look at still more potential uses. If you have a lifelong love of fashion, for example, you might want to try some clothing drawings. Or, if you're half as witty as we are, maybe a cartoon or bit of visual political satire will be just the thing. There's plenty of raw material, after all (pun intended). Maybe character studies appeal to you. Or, if it's a flight of fantasy that does it for you, whatever it is, give it a try.

There are books specific to each of these expanded uses, and many more. Look carefully to make sure that the book really shows you things you want to know and is not just a showcase for the artist/author. You'll find some of our suggestions in Appendix B, "Resources for Learning to Draw."

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