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You can use your drawings as the basis for painting on cabinet doors or the drawer fronts of a dresser that needs help. For your first project, here are some simple steps you can follow.

1. Pick a simple stem and bloom or a length of vine with some leaves.

2. Make a photocopy of the drawing you intend to use and establish a color scheme with colored pencils. Keep it fairly simple.

3. Buy yourself enough colors in acrylic paint to mix the colors that you will need. If you'd like, look ahead to the section in Chapter 25 on color for some help.

4. You can transfer your drawing to a cabinet or drawer front by blackening the back of a copy of the drawing with your softest pencil and then taping it carefully and drawing over your drawing lines. The soft pencil acts like carbon paper (remember carbon paper?) and your outline is there on the surface, ready to paint. This will work for several passes, and then you might have to reapply the pencil or finish with another copy of your drawing.

You 're sure to be pleased with the new look in your kitchen or spare room, or on your bathroom cupboard or old dresser.

Artist's Sketchbook

Calligraphic writing is handwriting in a particular style, or font, often with a wedge-tipped pen called a calligraphic pen. Chancery cursive, like old manuscript text, or Old English, more elaborate and stylized, are two styles you can try from a book or your word-processing software. You can type out your text, choose the font and size, and print it out as a guide, or you can simply use a calligraphy pen in your own handwriting for a nice effect.

Back to the Drawing Board

Be sure to practice how you will paint in the petals and leaves on a sample before you start on the furniture. Practice, as always, makes perfect, which is what you're after when you get to the real thing.

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