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Our gardens also are home to a year-long variety of birds as well as the sometimes unwanted squirrels. Lauren's yard has a collection of feeders that are very busy all day long. She can watch the early feeders from her hot tub as she drinks the first of her many cups of coffee, and she has a daily competition with three squirrels to see who's out of bed first. Some mornings, she can catch them as they come out of their nest in a far tree.

All of what happens in your yard is material for drawing, too. The feeders and birdhouses are great for practicing perspective, too. You can hang them at various heights and draw them using informal relational perspective, or you can draw them with formal two-point perspective as an exercise. Eventually, you will find they are easy to see and draw at any angle or height.

The birds and squirrels move around quickly, but if you have a good viewing window, you can begin to make some sketches that capture their gestures, shapes, and proportions.

The fauna in your garden are as much a part of nature as the flora. Draw them, too. Birdhouses and feeders provide opportunities to develop your perspective skills and learn about geometric shapes, while also beginning to observe and try your hand at drawing living creatures.

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